Baka Glass, a leading ERP web application system for glaziers, recently completed an integration with CED. This partnership offers glass repair companies an innovative solution to optimise their business processes and increase efficiency.

Smooth communication and response

With the integration between Baka Glass and CED, glass repair companies receive notifications directly from CED, allowing them to respond quickly to repair requests. Previously, these notifications were processed manually, consuming time, resources and prone to errors. Now, notifications are automatically forwarded from CED to the repair company, resulting in a faster response and less administrative hassle.

Improved operational efficiency

Through these automated notifications, glass repair companies can significantly increase their operational efficiency. The time saved by eliminating manual processes can now be spent on actually repairing glass damage. This leads to a smoother workflow, faster handling of repairs and higher customer satisfaction.

Focus on quality and productivity

The integration allows repair companies to focus on their core tasks without being distracted by administrative tasks. This not only increases productivity, but also ensures that service quality remains high. Customers benefit from fast and accurate repairs, enhancing the company's reputation.


The integration of Baka Glass with CED offers glass repair companies an efficient and error-free way to process repair requests. By eliminating manual intervention and forwarding reports directly, operational efficiency is increased and the risk of errors is reduced. This collaboration is an excellent example of how technology can improve business processes in the glass industry, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and optimised operations.