Software for glass wholesale companies

Are you a glass wholesale company? Then we have many functionalities in our system that can improve your way of working! Take a look at what our software can do for you.

AI order intake

Drastically improve your order processing process with Baka Glass' AI order intake module. This innovative tool uses advanced AI technology to track incoming orders automatically and precise to process. Learn how our AI order intake module helps you save so much time.


Efficient route planning, loading delivery cars and trucks are crucial for optimal planning. Our planning module for wholesale companies in the glass world brings all of this together and offers much more. Make your routes more efficient and improve your logistics with Baka Glass.


Scanning glass and racks is the ideal way to maintain control in your glass wholesaler. Scan the glass frame and the glass that is being prepared for delivery. Scan locations where the glass is so you never have to search again. We offer so many different options with our scan module, read on...

Glass racks

Easily manage your glass racks with the Baka Glass rack module. This powerful tool optimizes your administration through accurate registration, automatic administration and easy scanning of glass racks. With features such as billing rack rentals, insight into products on stands and an integrated customer portal for self-management, you can streamline logistics processes and increase efficiency.

App for glass deliveries

The app collects various orders and creates a collection delivery note for the customer. Upon delivery, it will be sent digitally, including photos of the error-free delivery. The ideal way to deliver glass. Of course, the invoice can also be sent directly to the customer automatically and the invoice will be entered in your administration.

Switching software has never been so easy

Effortlessly switch with intensive guidance and handy tools. Live in no time, without worries!