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With our easy-to-use design software, you can create beautiful 3D designs quickly and smoothly. This software not only forms the basis for quotes to your customers, but also for automatically sending the correct documents to your suppliers. Simplify and optimize the design process with our user-friendly 3D design software.

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high-end software for the glass industry

Discover the ultimate power of our 3D design software

Experience the versatility of Baka Designer, a 3D design software specifically designed for the glass industry. With this user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing tool, you can quickly and easily create 3D designs for glass projects. Whether it's windows, doors, shower cabins or other glass products, Baka Designer has everything you need to create designs quickly and accurately.

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You can configure an extensive 3D drawing within 20 seconds
Step 2
After making your 3D design, you can send it directly to the supplier
Step 3
Generate a quote based on the drawing and send it directly to the customer
high-end software for the glass industry

Discover all the benefits of our 3D design software

3D Drawing

visualize your concepts in 3D drawings. Baka Designer offers the possibility to create various glass products, including windows, hard glass doors, sliding doors, shower cubicles, kitchen walls and much more. With our software, you can bring your ideas to life and visualize them in detail.

Quote Tool

With this tool, you can instantly and effortlessly generate a quote based on your drawing, ready to send to the customer. Baka designer extracts all information from your 3D drawing and automatically converts it into a professional quote.

Supplier link

Once the design is complete, it can be sent directly to the supplier. The 3D design is accurately converted into clear drawings, allowing the supplier to immediately start the glass project without further adjustments.

Direct Calculations

Based on your 3D design, a price calculation is automatically generated, giving you immediate insight into the costs of your project. This prevents surprises with unexpected costs.

Standalone Software

No dependence on external programs. Our solution works independently to streamline your workflow.

Increasing conversion

Our tool not only helps to visualize but also to increase conversion through direct, attractive proposals.

Our loyal customers have their say

“A clear drawing quickly and accurately that immediately provides the basis for an accurate quote that you can share with the customer immediately.”

Sens Glass
Den Hoorn

“A clear drawing quickly and accurately that immediately provides the basis for an accurate quote that you can share with the customer immediately.”

Sens Glass
Den Hoorn
Frequently asked questions

More questions?

Questions about the 3D configurator
Can I design an entire shower cubicle with the Baka Designer?

Yes, you can. With the Baka Designer, you have the ability to select any pre-configured glass type and choose from a variety of composite glass materials such as hinges, profiles, handles, door seals and clamps to create a diverse range of shower cubicles.

Does the Baka Designer include the deductions that are often relevant to composite glass materials?

The material deduction has been integrated into the Baka Designer. For all materials, specific deductions can be defined at product level, which are taken into account by the designer and reflected in the 2D drawing.

Are there templates available for common compositions?

You can create and save templates yourself to use more often. This ensures a fast workflow. You create the template yourself and can then change the design by adjusting dimensions and, for example, the color of the fittings.

Questions about quotes
If I use the Baka Designer, will the quote also be generated automatically?

When you use the Baka Designer in combination with Baka Glass, the system automatically calculates the retail price for a created design. After that, you can easily generate and send quotes.

How does the created design appear on the quote?

The quote can be sent in digital form or as a PDF. You will then get an overview of the materials, and the customer will see the created design in 3D.

Can you also configure hinges within Baka Designer?

Fast and accurate, a clear drawing that immediately provides the basis for an accurate quote that you can share directly with the customer.

Questions about ordering from suppliers
Can I order a design created in the Baka Designer directly from suppliers?

Yes, you can. Ordering a glass plate and associated materials can be done within a few clicks in Baka Glass. The supplier receives an accurate list of composite glass materials or a 2D drawing of each pane with the associated operations.

Can you also generate DXF for a CNC within Baka Designer?

The glass fittings can be linked to DXF drawings for the recesses. With this information, the Designer can generate a complete DXF for the glass.

Is it possible to order my equipment from any supplier?

Yes, you manage which parts you order where. These can be chosen automatically or manually per design. This way, you are completely flexible where you order the materials and you have an overview of all current design orders in one place.

Other questions
Can I track changes and manage revisions within the Baka Designer?

Every time a design is saved, this is a new revision of the design. This way, you can see exactly how the design has changed, by whom and when.

What operating system is the 3D configurator available on?

Because the Baka Designer is a web application, you can use it on any computer. This is therefore possible on Windows, macOS, Chromebooks and even on mobile devices.

What if I have questions about using the system?

A chat bubble is available at the bottom of the application where you can chat with one of our support staff. They can answer all your questions or help with problems you're experiencing. We are also available by phone to support you.