Software for glass repair companies

Are you a glass repair company? Then we have many functionalities in our system that can improve your way of working! Take a look at what our software can do for you.


For bodyshops, planning is crucial. With our software, you can quickly make the best planning, with the most efficient route by glass car and minimal travel times. All orders are scheduled close together, so you earn an average of €100 more per car per day, at no extra cost. Optimise your operations and increase profitability effortlessly.

Measure and run the app

Work more efficiently and paperless with the BAKA Glass App. Live measurements are sent directly to the office system, so that orders can be processed immediately. The app supports measurement, execution, final photos, customer signatures, shortfall reports, direct billing and more. Optimise your processes and increase efficiency with the BAKA Glass App.


You can order orders quickly and error-free at the touch of a button. Even if the order consists of glass rules from different manufacturers, it remains easy to order your glass with one click. Optimise your order process and save time with the BAKA Glass Software.

AI order confirmation

Automate your order verification with the Baka Glass AI module. This tool scans, checks, and compares order confirmations with orders, saving time and increasing accuracy


This tool makes it easy to collect and analyze feedback, with automatic and customizable review requests. Use flexible feedback forms and various methods to receive reviews, and manage negative feedback efficiently. Export feedback summaries in one click and use insights to improve your service.

Customer portal

Optimise customer interactions and improve their experience with the Baka Glass customer portal. This module offers a user-friendly online platform that gives customers access to all necessary information and functionalities. Learn how our features help you increase customer satisfaction and streamline your business processes.


Optimise your logistics processes with the Baka Glass scan module. This user-friendly tool enables fast and error-free processing, from receipt to delivery, including scanning goods, monitoring production progress and automatic customer notifications. Easily manage locations, keep records of records, and get immediate access to detailed information about scanned items for efficient business operations.


Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction with the Baka Glass SMS module. Send automated notifications such as “technician on the way” and review requests, and let customers easily update their details via SMS links. Optimise your communication and provide a seamless customer experience.


Optimise your project management with the Baka Glass project module. Manage large projects effortlessly with progress summaries, detailed planning, suborders, and accurate billing. Get real-time insight, track additional work and error orders, and perform both pre- and post-calculations for improved business operations and increased profitability.

Switching software has never been so easy

Effortlessly switch with intensive guidance and handy tools. Live in no time, without worries!