The integration of AFAS and Baka Glass offers a unique solution for companies that want to streamline their operational and financial processes. Thanks to the seamless connection between the two systems, you have all your data in one place. This means you have real-time insight into your inventory, orders and financial data without the need for manual entry, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

What does this integration mean for you?

It means effortless synchronization of financial data between Baka Glass and AFAS Software, so you are always up to date with up-to-date information. You can now easily create cost centers for new projects and update purchase and sales invoices automatically in AFAS Software.

With the connection between Baka Glass and AFAS Software, you save time, minimize errors and get a better insight into your finances.

The result?

More control over your business and more room to grow. What are you waiting for? Discover the benefits of this powerful partnership today!


  • Automatic debtor bookings
  • Automatic sales invoices from debtors
  • Maintain an overview of your financial affairs
  • Efficient