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Cutting optimization

Our cutting optimisation uses AI-driven algorithms to minimise cutting waste and reduce procurement costs. Through live connection to the ERP software, we accurately track production progress, and integration with all common cutting tables ensures easy use. Leftover parts are automatically returned to stock and breaks can be taken directly into the next cutting process, keeping you efficient at all times.

Live connection with ERP

Glass is reported ready per sheet during cutting, so the system knows exactly how far along the cutter is

Advanced cutting algorithms

Make use of highly advanced and fast optimisation algorithms, supported by AI, to reduce cutting waste and lower procurement costs per cut pane.

Integration with all cutting tables

Our cutting optimisation integrates seamlessly with any cutting table, such as Bottero, Intermac, Macotec and Lisec.

Stock management

Leftover parts are automatically returned to stock and can be re-optimised. This ensures that you do not use unnecessary new blades.

Fracture marking and re-optimisation

Breakage can be immediately included in the next cutting optimisation, allowing you to react quickly to problems and maintain efficiency.

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