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Capacity planning

Optimise your production process with our capacity planning. Our algorithms accurately calculate machine utilization and plan efficiently. Just-in-time planning reduces storage costs and optimizes staff deployment, with real-time insight for rapid adaptation to rush orders.

Comprehensive calculation algorithms

Our module provides a comprehensive calculation algorithm to accurately calculate machine utilisation.

Just-in-time production planning

The system calculates back from the delivery date, ensuring that glass is produced as late as possible and preventing hall overcrowding.

Flexible employee scheduling

Employees can be scheduled on different machines, maximising staff capacity utilisation.

Batch processing

Production can be divided into batches per day, allowing you to keep an overview of daily production flows and respond quickly to rush orders.

Real-time overview

The intuitive and modern overview shows per day how busy the machines are, makes rush orders clearly visible and offers the possibility to easily move planning between machines and days.

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