WW Glass

The integration of Baka Glass with WW Glas offers glaziers a seamless way to order glass directly from the manufacturer. This link provides an efficient ordering experience and improved inventory management, which significantly improves your business operations.

Easy ordering process

Thanks to the integration between Baka Glass and WW Glas, you can order glass directly from the Baka Glass software. This makes the ordering process easy and fast, because you no longer have to switch between different systems. The streamlined ordering experience reduces the risk of errors and saves time.

Real-time inventory management

The integration provides real-time synchronization of inventory data between WW Glass and Baka Glass. This gives you immediate insight into the availability of glass, allowing you to make better-informed decisions and avoid stock shortages. Automatic updates ensure accurate and reliable inventory management.

Automated order processing

Orders are processed automatically thanks to integration, leading to faster and error-free order processing. This increases efficiency and customer satisfaction, because you can deliver faster and serve customers better. The software keeps track of what has been ordered and the status of the delivery.

In-depth analysis tools

The integrated analysis tools provide valuable insights into your ordering and delivery processes. With these tools, you can analyse trends, monitor performance, and adjust strategies to improve your efficiency. Data-driven decisions help your business grow and optimize.

Improved logistical administration

The integration ensures efficient logistical administration, making it easy to plan and manage orders. This leads to lower operational costs and a better logistical workflow. This increases the reliability of deliveries and customer satisfaction.

By choosing to integrate WW Glass and Baka Glass, you optimize your business operations, reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction.