The integration of Battellino with Baka Glass offers glass processing companies an advanced solution for optimizing their production and logistics processes. This link gives you all the necessary information in one central location, which significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of your business operations.

Real-time data synchronization

Thanks to the automatic data synchronization between Battellino and Baka Glass, you always have real-time insight into your inventory, orders and processing processes. This means that you are immediately aware of the current status of your inventory and production, allowing you to make faster and more informed decisions. Manual input is no longer required, reducing the risk of errors and saving time.

Automated machine control

An important advantage of the Battellino and Baka Glass integration is the ability to control your cutting machines directly from the Baka Glass software. This ensures optimal cutting patterns and reduces material waste. This automated control minimizes errors and increases production speed, leading to higher productivity and lower costs.

Accurate inventory management

With the Battellino integration, you always have an accurate overview of what has been cut and what remains of previous orders. This helps you prevent overstocking and understocking and optimize your inventory costs. Automatic updates to inventory data ensure consistent and reliable inventory management.

Advanced analysis tools

The integrated analysis tools provide valuable insights into your production and delivery processes. Through these tools, you can monitor performance, analyze trends, and adjust strategies to improve efficiency. Data-driven decisions help you grow and optimize your business.

Streamlined logistics processes

The integration also ensures improved logistics processes through more efficient planning and management of deliveries. This leads to time savings and a reduction in operational costs. Efficient logistics administration improves delivery reliability and increases customer satisfaction.

By choosing to integrate Battellino and Baka Glass, you optimize your business operations, reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction. This flexible and scalable solution is designed to grow with your business, so you can always count on efficient and reliable support for your processes.