The integration of Baka Glass with ANWB Insurance offers an advanced and efficient claims repair process. New ANWB claims are automatically imported into Baka Glass, so manual entry is no longer necessary. When a repair is completed, all necessary data can be sent directly to ANWB at the touch of a button.

Automated import of damage data

Baka Glass and ANWB Insurance have developed an integration where damage data is imported automatically. This ensures more efficient and error-free data entry.

Data transfer

All necessary information such as damage photos and measurement dates is seamlessly transferred between Baka Glass and ANWB. This minimizes errors and speeds up the damage repair process.

Efficient Claims Management

The integration makes it possible to send all data to ANWB at the touch of a button, resulting in more efficient and faster claims management. This allows claims to be dealt with more quickly and improves customer satisfaction.