At Baka Glass, we understand how important it is to protect your business against unforeseen events. That's why we're proud to announce our integration with Achmea Insurance. This partnership offers comprehensive insurance options that are specifically tailored to the needs of companies in the glass industry. Learn how this integration helps you optimize your business processes and secure your business.

What does the Achmea integration include?

With the Achmea integration, Baka Glass users can easily make use of Achmea's comprehensive insurance options. This integration provides a seamless experience that lets you manage your insurance directly via the Baka Glass platform. This gives you real-time insight into your insurance status and you are always well prepared for possible risks.

Benefits of Achmea insurances

Comprehensive insurance coverage

Achmea offers a wide range of insurance options designed specifically for the glass industry. From fleet insurance to business liability insurance and work equipment insurance, with Achmea, you are assured of comprehensive coverage that meets your specific business needs.

Easy insurance management

Managing your insurance policies is easy and efficient thanks to the integration with Baka Glass. Through our platform, you can view all your insurance policies, make changes and file claims. This integrated approach saves time and provides a hassle-free experience.

Fast and reliable claims settlement

In case of claims, the integration ensures that you can file a claim quickly and efficiently. Achmea is known for its reliable and fast claims processing, so that your company experiences minimal disruption and you are back up and running quickly.

Cost savings and efficiency

With Achmea's insurance options, which are specifically tailored to the glass industry, you benefit from competitive rates and comprehensive coverage. This not only helps to save costs, but also to make your business more efficient and safer.


The integration of Achmea Insurance with Baka Glass offers a powerful solution for companies in the glass industry that are looking for extensive insurance options. By using this integration, you can benefit from a seamless insurance experience, from comprehensive coverage to easy management and rapid claims settlement. Discover today how Achmea Insurance, in combination with Baka Glass, can optimize your business processes and protect your company against unexpected risks. With Baka Glass and Achmea, you are always well insured and prepared for the future.